April 19, 2014


EUR-USD, Gold, GBP-USD Technical and Fundamental Analysis Review-30th July 2013

We have a large number of economic data due out over the next few days. There will be a strong possibility that the markets will be impacted, not only over a short period. The major forex pairs have shown a strong directional bias since early July, we are now starting to see a slight exhaustion [...]

EUR-USD, Gold, GBP-USD Technical and Fundamental Analysis- Review-24th July 2013

Although for a summer period of trading, we are starting to see a greater amount of volume moving into the market. The essence of trading is formulating a trading plan that does not only involve the asset that you trade, but keeping an eye on contrarian asset classes that will give you insights to potential [...]

EUR-USD, Gold, GBP-USD Technical and Fundamental Analysis- Review-23rd July 2013

Over the last few days we have seen an increased weakening of the USD, which is purely down to the federal reserves stance to continue to support the market with bond purchases. The Eur/USD and GBP/USD are attempting to reach strong daily resistance levels with the Gold market showing some positives signs of a continued [...]

Fundamental and Technical Trading Analysis- Market Update- 18th July 2013

Fundamental and technical analysis, trading update for 18th July. Yesterday, we had the first day of the Ben Bernanke testimony. He stated that the Federal reserve will continue to provide support to the market with continued bond purchases until the economic data shows otherwise. Gold sold of by $30 an ounce based on this but [...]

EUR-USD, Gold, GBP-USD Technical and Fundamental Analysis- Review-17th July 2013

Market update based on technical and fundamental analysis of the forex market. We have some very interesting news scheduled to come out later today with the Federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke testifying. This has every potential as usual, to move the market and highly sensitive to any pairs which include USD. Wise strategy might be [...]

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