April 17, 2014

Successful Day Trading

There are many feelings that may go through your mind when exiting a trading position with a nice profit. Does jubilation, excitement, relief come into your mind?

These are the joys and fulfillment that you receive from predicting the price direction, executing your plan and managing your risk appropriately.

Reward Yourself

The gratification of success is by rewarding yourself. Go out to a restaurant, take your other half to the cinema and visit friends. What you are actually doing is subconsciously planting seeds with a positive response after a successful trade.

Consistent trading results will inevitably promote confidence, which is behind all successful trades.

There has to be pleasures that come with the unknown factor of trading, so make this an important element.

Continued Peak Performance

To put yourself in a supreme state of peak performance, before you enter a trade, I use a strategy by Adrienne Toghraie. She is a trader coach specializing in the art of psychology. All the top traders I know have had or currently being schooled by the best in this profession. I may have mentioned her before, but I can´t put into words the valuable training material she has published.

There is a saying, “A jack of all trades is a master of none”. Perfect and improve your art in a couple of disciplines, then utilize other mentors to build a sound trading plan.

The aim is to be accountable to something or someone. We as humans always have the tendency of going off track, not following a set plan or rules. Start planting the CONSISTENCY seeds now, and you will be rewarded in the future.

To your success.



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